Born in Democratic Republic of Congo, British Fashion Designer Atandjo Francoise Omanga is an Entrepreneur and CEO of KOYAWO.

She graduated in BA (Hons) Fashion Designer and Development  women's wear at University of Arts London, London college of Fashion. She did internship with Jil Saunders and at Giles (the fashion brand of British Designer Giles Deacon) where she built-up her ethos, love of Couture and learned how to experiment with different materials and fabrics.

In 2013, she decided to start her own fashion brand "KOYAWO" a UK based womenswear specializing in Ready-to-wear, couture and made by order. A signature style of natural confidence and sexy feminity are apparent in all Koyawo work. Her inspiration comes from current world issues, culture, art, politic, climate change and more about the daily life experience.

She likes to challenge every boundaries of traditions to develop new ways in all her collections and uses a lot of ethnic hand-crafts's technic in her design. And she works so hard to make very desirable beautiful clothing for women to love and buy.

The designer gained valuable experience across the pond, working with the veteran Fashion Designer Giles Deacon and Jil saunders as an intern.

 Since launching into fashion spotlight ( her autobiography appeared in British Vogue- Designer Profile page , "Woman& Home" magazine,..) Koyawo signature style continue to develop and innovate every season. She said:" Fashion is about changing and it is important as a fashion designer that i keep moving forward, evolving, and always learning no stop."

The essence of Koyawo's design is bold, innovative, edgy but modern and cool. The use of exquisite quality materials combined with an interpretation of the brand inspiration and classic cuts result in sophisticated and timeless garments. She is a designer who loves to create, innovate and experiment with different fabrics, materials, and techniques such as printing, laser-cutting, combined with her cultural background hand-made crafts. The designer doesn't want to design for a geographic split's customers and doesn't limit her abilities and capacity of designing either because, she like her work in fashion world and enjoy dressing women.

Koyawo's customer is a woman and citizen of the world, who will look and appreciate the designer's hard work and extreme dedication all over the luxury garment she happened to purchase. And when selling clothes internationally, one needs to think about the weight and fabrics.

What is interesting with Koyawo brand is that, each collection is different but with the same originality of the brand and all are made in limited edition.

So far Koyawo brand has been showcased at Birmingham International Week, London Fashion Week Fashion Finest, London Bloggers Fashion Week and Bedforshire Music and Fashion Week with success, appreciation and standing ovations.

All designs and patterns are  an exclusivity of Koyawo brand as well as copyright.


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